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Lake Titicaca

From $25.00  Cusco Tour Machu Picchu

Uros-Taquile 01 Day

On this picturesque island the people maintain their old customs, dressing in traditional clothing and doing things the old way. You will witness the millenary techniques of hand- weaving beautiful textiles.

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Amantani island 02 Days

We will visit Amantani, its archaeological remains, such as the temple of Pachatata and Pachamama, were intended as payment of the land to the Gods from the pre-Inca times.

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Uros - Luquina - Taquile 2 Days

Luquina Chico on shores of Lake Titicaca. Here you can hike along the shores of Lake Titicaca to observe many birds, enjoy the sunset. Homestay and meals are the best of the Titicaca.

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From $98.00

Llachon 2 Days

The visitors are invited to get involved with the family activities and to see the sunset from Cerro Auki Carus, an hour and a half’s walk away.

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From $20.00

Titicaca vivencial 3 Days

The highest navigable lake in the world, is the legendary birthplace of the Inca Empire.

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From $20.00
Titicaca Spirits (5d/4n)

We’ll ascend to the top of the Taquile island to apreciate the Sunrise from the Lake Titicaca. Also we will have Inca ceremonies for the Pachamama THE MOTHER EARTH and coca leaf reading.

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From $20.00 killary peru tour travel
Titicaca Express 2 days

Lake Titicaca has developed a reputation as one of South America's top tourist attractions thanks to its riveting beauty and intriguing local culture.

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From $50.00 killary peru tour travel
Uros + overnight 2 days

On the Uros floating islands you will be welcomed by natives people that will share their ancestral experiences with you.

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From $290.00 killary peru tour travel
Lake Titicaca Kayaking 3 days

This sea kayak will take you on a dream-like journey to the Titicaca. You will discover three beautiful islands, the world and traditions.

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From $98.00 killary peru tour travel
Ccotos and Ticonata 2 Days

Ticonata is famous for its spectacular views of Lake Titicaca and its round houses, built to ward off the cold.

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From $20.00 killary peru tour travel
Titicaca classic 4 Days

The families welcome the visitors in their homes, offering rooms which are rustic but clean and decorated with the local weaving.

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From $20.00 killary peru tour travel
Titicaca basic 3 days

On this tour you will enjoy visiting the sacred lake Titicaca and its wonderful islands, It will be a great experience, Just enjoy it! .

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From $190.00 killary peru tour travel
Titicaca Kayak2 days

Fun kayaking to explore islands, peninsulas and secret beaches. An unique way to see the highest navigable lake of the world and visit areas seldom seen by tourists. You will visit the Uros floating islands, Amantani and Taquile.

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From $20.00 killary peru tour travel
Titicaca Kayak 1 day

Experience the hidden beauties Of Lake Titicaca while paddling by the shores of the peninsula of Capachica, (off the beaten track) & Enjoy of a typical lunch with a traditional quechua family. In addition visit the famous reed floating islands of Uros and Taquile island.

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From $12.00 killary peru tour travel
Tour Uros - Titicaca 1/2 Day

We will appreciate the native life style, a variety of birds, flora, fauna and different main activities of the inhabitants of the Uros Floating Islands Lake Titicaca.

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